Warren Reynolds - Biography

Appreciation for nature and spirituality has grown over 40-years leading Warren to his vocation as owner and practitioner of WEM Meditation. While previously in the hospitality, Canadian Forces, security and financial fields he always enjoyed and found it important to help people.
Having travelled extensively nationally and globally most of his life Warren has connected with many in an effort to improve the health and wellness of others. He was exposed to meditation more than 20-years ago and what started as a genuine interest Warren soon realized it was his true calling and living from his most authentic self. Warren’s reality of what he refers to as “spreading the love” helps people to live in the present – appreciating each moment for what it is without judgement. Often he is known by his saying, just “Be” and remember we are human Beings not human doings!
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In 1983 Warren Reynolds studied Hotel & Restaurant Management in college and has worked in the Hospitality and Customer Service Industry his whole life. He always wanted to help people in some way.

In respect to the memory of his grandparents’ tradition he served his country as a regular force member in the Canadian Forces. The winds of time were changing and Warren knew it was to his benefit to take advantage of the early retirement package being offered to those military members who qualified of which he was.

Warren felt the pull to run his own business and he did. He was a management consultant and broker agent in the Financial Investment Industry. He has also taught children and adults as he is certified to teach English as a Second and Official Foreign Language.
After an economic down turn it was time to return to military related work to help support a newly started family. And so after helping a friend launch their business and receiving offers to work in the Security Industry he joined the Commissionaires and worked with the RCMP and York Regional Police.
Over the years and after receiving ongoing requests to teach Meditation Warren developed the
WEM Meditation Program. Through travels in his native Canada to countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, India, Nepal, China & Philippines he always showed an interest in mindfulness, spirituality and helping others. Warren was extensively trained by those with more than 100-years of collective experience in Meditation. Ron Aviet (respectfully referred to as ‘Ronnie-ji’) residing in Laguna Hills, California as well as Vipassana Master S.N. Goenka (Goenka-ji) is residing in Mumbai, India both who are his most influential mentors. Warren has more than twenty years experience and he has built a strong base of practice for the benefit of himself and others. He is a graduate of the intense Meditation course at the Ontario Vipassana Centre located North of Toronto. Vipassana is an ancient, authentic technique dating back more than 2500-years originating from India of which Warren’s Program is based.
Warren’s guided instruction WEM Meditation Program includes the first level of Focused Attention-Breathing and how to learn to develop some mastery over the mind by awareness of natural breath. The second level is Mindfulness-Sensations the practice of observing sensations throughout the body, understanding their nature, and developing equanimity by learning not to react to them. The third level one learns Compassion-Kindness finishing with the relaxed, light Meditation Exercise. It is a process of self-transformation through self observation, resulting in a mind full of balance, strength, love and compassion. Warren’s WEM Meditation Program is unique to those of other practitioners as it is not only one method of meditation. It includes three methods of meditation with a self-created custom designed meditation exercise. This is a comprehensive and flexible meditation program.
WEM Meditation is initially 15-minutes guided instruction over a 1-hour session starting with orientation instruction followed by answering questions and education and can be customized to a person or group on location. Warren currently provides the WEM Program for organizations locally in the communities of the Town of Georgina, York Region and Toronto area. Global opportunities are available and possible with sufficient notice. Warren is also available for public speaking. Please contact for more information.
Telephone: 905-596-1011, Mobile: 416-845-5253, E-mail:  [email protected]