wem Meditation Typical Clients

Typical Clients are those who wish to understand and acquire a knowledge of the benefits of Meditation. Through Meditation they will come to appreciate and learn more about their wellness and how WEM Meditation can help them achieve this:  
  • Hospice clients that are at the last stage of life and want to live out their last days in peace as much as possible.
  • The aging population of Seniors Residences. Residents and staff of nursing homes who  wish to get rid of all the mind-induced stress of aging and  find some peace and live happier lives.
  • The baby boomer generation and people who are getting ready to retire and looking for some peace of mind by making better decisions.
  • People in general living pressure-cooker, high stress lives, people working in high stress jobs of the technology world of today.  
  • Many people that are at the receiving end of company buy-outs have to work more hours for the same pay with more responsibilities and less time at home with family. 
  • Possible referrals for medical reasons like Blood Pressure, or Sleep Problems.
  • Guided Meditation sessions are offered to Yoga Studio participants and the staff that work at these establishments, who want to strengthen their yoga practice with the benefits of Meditation.
  • Special Meditation Retreats are offered to groups by arrangement.