"Warren exudes peacefulness and confidence with WEM Meditation" - Mary Scott
"Wellness Wednesday's WEM Meditation is a big hit!" - Marie Morton
"WEM Meditation has had a tremendous impact on me and family" - John Shipley
"Warren has been able to help the staff and volunteers tap into the benefits of Meditation through the WEM program" - Juliet Irish
"Thank you and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with your calming voice which makes the techniques in practice effortless" - Sheran
"Warren is a humble leader that exemplifies personal integrity and has a lot to offer the community through the WEM program" - Gladys Vergis-Mayo
"WEM Meditation is relaxing, refreshing and brings a peaceful more settled feeling to my life" - Cynthia Mazurkiewich
"I appreciated having Meditation expert Warren Reynolds share the Wellness benefits of the WEM program with us - Melodie McKay
"We would like to thank you Warren for assisting with our Health and Well Being and have thoroughly enjoyed a sense of calmness and peace. We would recommend the services you provide to others as part of a regular addition to their activities. We have found great benefit from the WEM program" - Meghan Solomine

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