Warren Reynolds

Warren Reynolds has more than 20-years experience and is a Certified Meditation Teacher Accredited from the International Meditation Teachers Association of which he is a full member. He is a devotee of the authentic Vipassana Meditation technique which is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation.  This non-sectarian technique aims to remove stress and mental impurities and the result is a sense of peace, happiness and wellness.  He has the experience, aptitude, passion and a desire to help others.  
He is the Facilitator of the services and conducts the Guided Meditation sessions and Meditation Retreats for the various clients which includes  Retirement & Group Homes, Yoga & Fitness Studios, Hospices, Holistic Practitioners and Wellness Colleagues  in Toronto, Newmarket, Aurora, Town of Georgina as well as local businesses in the community.  
Prior to starting WEM Meditation Warren worked for many years as a consultant in the financial investment field and in the Armed Forces.  Warren has extensive experience and has demonstrated vision, integrity, and passion and is inspired and encouraged to use his aptitude and passion for Wellness Meditation to help others.
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