WEM Meditation Business Clients

For the trend in the Business sector we need only go, to the fact that 10 of the largest Companies are engaged in providing work place Meditation for their employees: 
Google – Apple - Prentice Hall Publishing - Nike, - AOL - Time Warner - McKinsey & Co. – Yahoo - Proctor and Gamble - Deutsche Bank and HBO, among many others.
Business firms and organizations are becoming more aware of this trend and are offering their employees the benefits of Meditation which creates and maintains a positive workplace cultures, fostering greater productivity, enhanced individual performance, and ultimately producing considerable increases in profit for businesses.
These are some of the benefits that wem Meditation can offer their employees:
  • Improved cognitive function – better concentration, memory & learning ability
  • Reduced costs of staff absenteeism caused by stress
  • Improved productivity and overall staff wellbeing
  • Awareness and Mindfulness of staff  and
  • Enhanced employee job satisfaction