About WEM Meditation

Research conducted in the area of health and wellness benefits of Meditation, confirms the need for offering Wellness Meditation as a service. Market testing by holding group sessions in a Public Library, Retirement Homes and in a local Hospice further confirms that there is a clear and present need for a service  like this. The WEM Meditation program  provides a valuable and needed service to the community at large and more particularly in Toronto, York Region including Towns of Georgina , Keswick, Newmarket, Aurora and around Markham and Richmond Hill.
The WEM Meditation service is for people who wish to understand and acquire a knowledge of the healing benefits of Meditation.  Especially the aging population in Retirement Homes, Seniors’ Residences, Nursing Homes and Hospices also the baby boomer generation and people preparing to retire, and people who live pressure-cooker high stress lives in the technology world of today. The WEM Program can help them with their wellness including easing stress, boosting focus and feeling a sense of peace and wellbeing.
Business organizations are becoming aware of the benefits of meditation for their buisnesses and some have provided funding and resources to try and help their employees with wellness programs including Meditation.
Warren’s guided instruction WEM Meditation Program includes the first level of Focused Attention-Breathing and how to learn to develop some mastery over the mind by awareness of natural breath. The second level is Mindfulness-Sensations the practice of observing sensations throughout the body, understanding their nature, and developing equanimity by learning not to react to them. The third level one learns Compassion-Kindness finishing with the relaxed, light Meditation Exercise. It is a process of self-transformation through self observation, resulting in a mind full of balance, strength, love and compassion. Warren’s WEM Meditation Program is unique to those of other practitioners as it is not only one method of meditation. It includes three methods of meditation with a self-created custom designed meditation exercise. This is a comprehensive and flexible meditation program.
WEM Meditation is initially 15-minutes guided instruction over a 1-hour session starting with orientation instruction followed by answering questions and education and can be customized to a person or group on location. Warren currently provides the WEM Program for organizations locally in the communities of the Town of Georgina, York Region and Toronto area. Global opportunities are available and possible with sufficient notice. Warren is also available for public speaking.
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