The WEM mission is to offer the benefits of Wellness Meditation to the many people who are looking to find a way to move beyond the mind’s stress-inducing thoughts and emotional upsets into the peace and clarity of present moment awareness.
In support of its mission, WEM Meditation teaches and propagates - through classes, seminars, retreats, and publications, Wellness, Exercise and Meditation,  to help people reduce anxiety, be more productive and find a way to energize their mind and body in a healthy way. 
WEM’s mission is to bring ease from stress, to feel better, be happier and live in wellness at all of life’s levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


The vision of WEM Meditation is to contribute to the welfare of all by teaching the principles of and propagating the practice of the ancient science of Wellness Meditation through the practice of Vipassana meditation.

Privacy Policy

WEM Meditation respects the privacy of all clients and participants in the Meditation sessions.

Personal information collected is used and disclosed by WEM in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

Personal Information is only collected about a client, when a client specifically and knowingly provides it, for example when registering for a WEM Meditation session.

WEM has formulated this Privacy Policy, in accordance with the guidelines established by the Canadian Standards Association Model Code on Privacy.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to specify the guidelines which govern the collection and use of Personal Information. WEM makes every effort to ensure that the

Personal Information collected and maintained about a client is secure and used in a responsible and respectful manner.

The Privacy Policy has guidelines with reference to the principles enumerated in the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).
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